Public Housing “Toei-jutaku” Application Form filling up support session

For those who want to apply for Public housing “Toei-jutaku” and have difficulty in filling up the application form, the interpreters / advisers of “micsOta” will help you to fill-up the application form.

★Date and time: February 2, 2018 (Fri.) 1:00 PM ~ 4:30 PM

★Place: Multicultural Society Promotion Center (micsOta)
 1F Consumer Center, 5-13-26 Kamata, Ota City

★Language: English, Tagalog, Chinese at Nepalese

★Necessary documents or information:
 ① the booklet and application form of Toei-jutaku
 ② information of the family members who will live together (Name, Birth date, workplace’s or school’s information) and Zairyu card (Resident card)
 ③ information of the income of the family members who have a job
  (ex. Gensenchoshu-hyou (withholding tax slip from salaries))
 ④ Floor plan map of the apartment currently living in

【Inquiry】 Multicultural Society Promotion Center (micsOta)
 Tel. 03-6424-8822