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Notice of School Attendance Assistance Program “Shugaku-enjo”

School Attendance Assistance Program is a system in Japan that low income households are helped some of the expenses incurred in elementary and junior high school. The contents of the assistance are slightly different depending on the municipality.

Ota City Attendance Assistance Program
The following households are eligible.
・Households receiving public assistance (Seikatsu-hogo)
・Households in which the total income amount of all members are below the level of income criteria for approval in previous year.

If you want to receive Attendance Assistance Program, please submit the application form.
The application form is available at the Ota City public Elementary and Junior High Schools and the Board of Education.
Application period is from April up to February of the following year.
When applying, the name of the account holder, financial institution, branch and account number are necessary.

The Board of Education will examine whether it is qualified for Attendance Assistance Program, based on the information of resident registration, residence tax and public assistance (Seikatsu-hogo).
Those who lived abroad on January 1st. of the application period, please consult with School Affairs Division, Educational Affairs Department, Board of Education Secretariat of Ota City.

Screening Result
The examination result will be mailed to your home.
The result of the examination is one of the following;
.”Yohogo” [A household in strong need of assistance program] (the level of need is high),
.”Jun Yohogo”[A household in need of assistance program] (the level of need is lower than the above),
.”Hinintei”[Unapproved] or

When the result is Required Protection Certification or Necessary Protection Certification, the assistance will be paid to your account.
If the result is [Unapproved], that means it is not subjective to Attendance Assistance Program.
If the result is [Incomplete], please follow the procedure below:

〇 Those who lived in Ota City on January 1st of the year of application
・Please declare your income of the previous year to the Taxation Section of Ota City.
・Those who lived in a municipality other than Ota City on January 1st. of the application period.
Those who lived in Japan, please submit your certificate of residence tax (with the full income amount on the certificate) issued from the municipality where you lived on January 1st , to the School Admission Application Window, Educational Affairs Department, Office of Education Board of Ota City.
・For those who lived abroad of the year of application. please contact with School Affairs Division, Educational Affairs Department, Board of Education of Ota City.

Once the above procedure is done, the Board of Education will re-examine again. And if there is no procedure done by the deadline, the application will be rejected.

Notice from Ota City office

Useful daily living information such as tax, health insurance, vaccination, medical checkup, etc. are available.

National Health Insurance

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“Living Guide”


The “Living Guide” is a booklet compiling useful information for daily life such as Ota City’s administrative services and procedures, and public facility guide, etc. It has been published in multiple languages such as English, Tagalog, Chinese and Korean.

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With “Himawari”, Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service, you can search medical institution in Tokyo by location, department or language, etc. The Himawari’s website is available in English and Japanese.

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