Come and join us for a tour to experience the Japanese Culture at the Haneda Shrine festival “Reitaisai”

A tour to experience the summer festival will be held at the Haneda Shrine which is a 5 min. train ride from Haneda airport.
Let’s enjoy the festival with the help of English and Chinese volunteer guides!
For those who are interested, festival costume(Matsuri -banten) will be lend to be worn during the festival.
You can also take pictures with the“Mikoshi”(portable shrine carried on festivals).
We are looking forward for your participation.

Date and Time:July 30 (Sunday) 14:30~16:30 approx.2 hours  
Rain or shine.

Meeting Place: Information desk at the pink colored tent at the grounds of the
Anamori-Inari Shrine. (5-2-7 Haneda, Ota City)
      *5 mins. walk from Keikyu Anamori-Inari stn.

Participation Fee: Free of charge

Available languages: English and Chinese

Participants: Tourists and residents who are not native speaker of the Japanese language 

Application: For prior booking, please send the following info by E-mail to:
① Application for the tour on July 30  ② Names ③ Number of participants ④ Language: English or Chinese
Capacity: max 30 persons  *Application on the day is at first come first serve basis

Inquires:Ota Tourism Association / Ota City Tour Guide Group (OTG)