Japanese Reading and Writing Class

Class intended for those who haven’t studied enough reading and writing in school, and those who wants to learn reading and writing in Japanese.
Study on Hiragana,Katakana and simple daily conversation and others.

EligibilityPersons who satisfy all the following conditions:
(1) those who are16 years of age or older and live, work or attend school in Ota City.
(2) those who can converse in Japanese without any problems and are committed to completing the full-year course (any nationality acceptable)
Day/ Time14:00 – 16:00, May 7, 2017 ~ Feb. 11, 2018
Sundays (24 days)
ClassroomMain Building, Ota City Office
Number of acceptable studentsThe first 60 applicants
Childcareavailable ( for 1yr..6mths. old ~ elem. 3rd graders, first 9 applicants)
ApplicationPlease call or visit in person the following office.
Applications and inquiriesLifelong Learning Section, Community Activities Promotion Division
TEL: 03-5744-1443
FAX: 03-5744-1518